Software Tools So You Can Make Your Supply Chain Savings Happen Faster and Easier with Superior Results

Trust But Verify All Short and Long-Term Savings

SavingsValidator™ is a major breakthrough in how we validate and monitor our savings that you put on your savings reports. With most CFOs now scrutinizing and reducing budgets accordingly with these manual line item spreadsheet savings, it is imperative that all dollars documented now be audited for certainty.

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Clinical Supply Utilization Management

Price savings represent only about 1% of your overall supply chain budget in new savings. A virtually untouched area of new savings is in Supply Utilization Management (SUM) where there are as much as 7% to 15% new additional savings beyond price to be achieved. These savings can't be ignored any longer.

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Leading Edge VA Technology at Work for You

CliniTrack™ value analysis software is designed to not only take you beyond the world of Word and Excel spreadsheet documents but gives you a decided advantage in managing your VA projects, data and teams.


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Purchased Service Advantage System

We often hear that supply chain leaders are being tasked with taking over the control and management of their organization’s purchased services. This makes sense as purchased services can account to just as much spend or even more in some cases.

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Advanced Software Tools to Automate, Simplify and Enhance the Results We Achieve on Value Analysis and Supply Chain Savings Opportunities.  Over the Past 32 Years, SVAH Solutions has Created Proven Tools to Give You a Major Advantage, Plus Give You More Time and Peace of Mind That You Are Not Leaving Any Dollars on the Table.

How Do We Assist You to Find the Next Level of Supply Chain Savings Beyond Contract Price?

What Results Can You Expect?


As trusted advisors for the past 31 years to hospitals and health systems throughout the country, SVAH helps you fill the gaps in your supply savings and value analysis programs.  Many of these gaps represent significant savings opportunities which cannot be left untouched.

  • Provide Tools and Solutions to Fast-Track Your Savings Reporting to Free Up Your Valuable Time
  • Provide SMART Success Models to Guide You to All of the Savings Opportunities Beyond Price on All of Your Major Product Categories
  • Give You the Upper Hand in Value Analysis Strategies Through Coaching and Strategic Planning
  • Automated Labor Intensive Analysis and Tracking to Show the True End Results of VA and Supply Chain Efforts.  Reporting in a Click of the Mouse Instead of Hours, Days or Weeks Creating the Reports Manually
Minimum Savings Beyond Price
High End Savings Beyond Price
from Total Supply Budget

With Just a Few Clicks of Your Mouse...

You Can Find All Your Best Cost and Quality Opportunities to Improve Your Supply Chain Value

"SVAH Software Tools have assisted the hospital in taking our cost savings initiatives to the next level. The reporting establishes clear targets of cost and quality improvement opportunities based on actual hospital patient volumes at all levels of the organization. The end result has been a significant reduction of expense in a relatively short time. It is a valuable tool that offers insight on how to manage the supply chain in the present and on an on-going basis."

Director of Materials Management

Helping You Drive Out the Biggest Utilization Opportunities in Your Supply Chain Before They Damage Your Bottom Line

“These tools provide another approach to our current method of identifying areas of cost saving opportunities. We can go after utilization, as opposed to price reductions, and do this in conjunction with our clinicians. This results in a win-win situation for our organization.”

Director of Purchasing - 6 Hospital IDN


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