3 Benefits of Moving Value Analysis Tasks to The Cloud

We have watched the discipline of value analysis mature over the last few decades. Yet, it has been our observation that the administrative tasks associated with value analysis (e.g., agendas, minutes, attendance, requests, analytics, project status, saving reports, etc.) are still predominantly maintained on inflexible, outdated and opaque spreadsheets.


In our opinion, this healthcare value analysis tool has passed its time and is now holding back the efficiency and productivity of hundreds of value analysis programs in multiple locations who have embraced spreadsheets as the tool of choice for administering their value analysis programs.


Further, it is now mission critical now that most hospitals are a subsidiary of a system or IDN, that your hospital value analysis team leaders and team members have real time access to their VA actionable data, not wait for time sensitive information to be distributed via the internet or extranet. With this said, here are three benefits of moving your value analysis administrative tasks to the “cloud”:


  1. Provides Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: First off, once an entry (e.g., new request for product, service or technology) is made by anyone on the health systems value analysis “cloud-based” network, this data is available in real time for review or take action  by all value analysis team leaders and team members. Trust me when I tell you that this can’t be accomplished with a spreadsheet. Additional, savings, quality and safety improvement analytics are available for all team leaders. Thereby, simultaneously sharing the best savings, quality and safety ideas for your value analysis teams to review and work on.


  1. Greater Visibility On All Value Analysis Projects: When your VA team leaders and team members see their VA projects status and compare them to others in your value analysis “cloud-Based” network you will see a competitive atmosphere take hold.  This could mean an increase of 3x the productivity on VA projects that you have experienced in the past.


  1. Improves Efficiency and Productivity: Having all of your value analysis operational activities in one “Cloud-Based” network  will lower your cost, increase your speed of communications and provide in real time all data, documents and reports required by your VA team leaders and team members to move to the next level of value analysis performance.


Spreadsheets definitely have their place as a jack of all trades type tool but I hope you will agree that they have their drawbacks, especially when you need to update or share this information with your value analysis team leaders and team member in real time. Think about this; In the 20th century hospital value analysis programs deserve state-of-the-art tools to efficiently and productively conduct their value analysis programs.  That’s why spreadsheets are being replaced by “cloud-based” networks that offer timely, efficient and innovative solutions no matter where your value analysis teams are located.


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