3 New Rules to Follow About Healthcare Value Analysis Coaching, Training, and Support of Your Value Analysis Teams

As we have often repeated in this newsletter, value analysis isn’t about value analysis facilitators, managers, and directors doing all their healthcare organizations’ value analysis work. It is also about coaching, training, and supporting their value analysis team leaders and team members in their value analysis work.

The reason for this differentiation is that doing all of your hospital, system, or IDN’s value analysis work is unsustainable, counterproductive, and unmanageable. With this said, here are three new rules to follow about coaching, training, and support of your value analysis teams.

  1. Don’t wait to be asked for help, since very few people will do so: Be proactive when you observe a problem, since most VA team leaders or VA team members won’t ask for help. It’s just human nature!
  2. Monitor that your VA team’s projects are on target with milestones: As opposed to micromanaging your VA team’s projects, measure their progress with milestones (e.g., interviews completed, evidence obtained, clinical trial in progress, etc.). This way, you can oversee your VA team’s progress without getting in the way.
  3. Make value analysis a game, not just another job to do: Make VA a competition (e.g., best savings, quality, attendance, and outcomes for the month, quarter, and year) between your team members, and amongst your VA teams and your hospital divisions. This way it won’t be just another job, but a fun thing to do.

To be a truly effective value analysis facilitator, manager, or director you need to be a proactive coach and trainer, not a manager of your healthcare organization’s value analysis projects. As soon as you internalize this truth, you will see your value analysis team’s overall performance increase exponentially.