A More Effective Way to Get More Productivity Out of Your Healthcare Value Analysis Teams

We would estimate that 80% of all hospitals, systems, and IDNs have established value analysis teams or committees, which is a good thing. Yet, it has been our observation that most of the real work of these VA teams is performed by their value analysis coordinators, managers, and directors. This isn’t a very productive way to organize your teamwork, since a VA practitioner can only perform so many VA studies or projects annually. However, if you follow the Team-Based Project Management Model shown above you can increase your VA team’s productivity by 10-fold or more because you have 10 project managers that can do the work for you.

The beauty of the TBPM model is that a value analysis coordinator, manager, or director supervises the work of his or her VA team(s) but does not do the actual work. This is a whole new way to look at your value analysis team’s architecture, but is a more effective way to get more productivity out of your healthcare value analysis teams.