Don’t Waste Your Time, Money, or Resources Any Longer: 4 Tools or Techniques You Need to Reach Your Healthcare Supply Chain Goals & Objectives

We find that healthcare supply chain leaders are looking for the magic bullet that will enable them, with their limited time, money, or resources, to meet their daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals and objectives. Need I remind you that your corporate goals & objectives are becoming more challenging each year.

There is a mistake in this thinking: There isn’t a magic bullet. However, there are four tools or techniques that can help make you a supply chain superstar every year. Here is an overview of what these four tools or techniques can do for you.

4 Tools or Techniques You Need to Reach Your Goals and Objectives Each Year

The only way to keep top of the mind and manage all your healthcare supply chain goals and objectives on an ongoing basis is to employ these four tools or techniques:

1. Dashboard: If you count all the things you need to keep your eye on to be successful in supply chain management, it could be hundreds of metrics. In my opinion, this task is impossible if you try to accomplish this feat with spreadsheets. Only a dashboard will enable you to observe in real time what is happening in your supply chain environment on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

2. Software: If you aren’t already automating all or most of your supply chain tasks with software you are missing an opportunity to become a low cost/ high quality supply chain organization. This is because automation saves you time, money, and is a staff multiplier, which is mission critical in today’s healthcare environment.

3. Databases: Databases are built to house millions of bits of information in an organized and structured manner, unlike spreadsheets that are easy to use but are free-form and error-prone. If you are still employing spreadsheets to manage most of your supply chain data and analytics, you are holding back the productivity performance of you and your staff.

4. Benchmarking: How would you know if you can do better in important areas of your supply chain operations to enable you to develop your goals and objectives if you don’t have competitive intelligence? The answer is that you won’t know without benchmarking your peers on a continuous basis. If you have shied away from benchmarking in the past, since it has its challenges, recommit yourself to start benchmarking again to raise the bar on your internal supply chain operations.

These four tools or techniques, if combined, can make your supply chain department a powerhouse, since you will always be on top of your game. Keep these tools & techniques in mind the next time you need to reach your goals and objectives for any given year.

Fads Fade Fast, But Solid Tools or Techniques Pass the Test of Time

What supply chain managers need to keep in mind when deciding, monitoring, and managing their healthcare supply chain goals and objectives for any given period is to avoid the fads that fade fast and instead base your supply chain decisions on solid tools and techniques that have passed the test of time.

For instance, purchasing reverse auctions were a fad for a few years back, but now have faded away. If you had based your supply chain goals & objectives primarily on this purchasing tactic you would have been disappointed. On the other hand, if you based your long-term goals and objectives on these four tools & techniques you would have had a giant leap forward in your supply chain performance each and every year.