Five Reasons for Automating Your Healthcare Value Analysis Program’s Tasks or Activities Now

There seems to be reluctance to automate a hospital, system or IDN’s value analysis program’s tasks or activities at too many healthcare organizations, even though it could be a big productivity booster for their value analysis program.  Here are five reasons to consider doing so in this fiscal year:

  1. Time saving features of automation: If you have ever written VA minutes, VA agendas, kept VA attendance, scheduled VA meetings, calculated VA savings, etc. you know it requires time to do so.  By automating your VA tasks or activities you can cut your administrative time in half.


  1. Integration of your VA data into one database gives you insights into your VA program’s maturity: Is it taking more time to perform your VA studies than necessary? Are you meeting your VA savings goals on a timely basis?  Is your attendance above 80% for all meetings? These and more questions are hard to answer if your VA data is archived on five spreadsheets with 20 tabs.


  1. Completeness, accuracy and timeliness of your VA data can be ensured if it is entered by your project managers, not just yourself: This can only be accomplished by all team members having access to your VA software for updating their projects.


  1. Sharing of your VA data with all participants: There is no better motivator than sharing your VA data with your team leaders and team members.  When they see what your other VA teams are doing they will be stimulated to keep pace with them.


  1. Transparency of data for all to see: When all your VA data (addenda’s, minutes, attendance, project status, savings reports, etc.) is shared with your VA team leader, team members and your healthcare organization’s management team, everyone will be held accountable for their actions.


Many value analysis practitioners think that automating their VA tasks or activities is a luxury, when in fact, it is mission critical for your VA teams to thrive.  This small tweak to your value analysis program will go a long way towards keeping it vibrant, fact-based and accountable for its actions.