Why Utilize the iSupply Savings Toolbox?

Realizing that the Supply Chain world and more specifically the Value Analysis world is forever changing, we wanted to make sure that our clients receive the most up-to-date information, tools, and resources that they need throughout their value analysis and supply chain careers. 


7-Point Guarantee to Ensure You Get Maximum Value For Your Investment!

It’s a big claim, I know, and you may be curious how any system could possibly live up to it. Just so there’s no confusion about what the iSupply Savings Toolbox is, and what it isn’t, let me break down my claim into 7 specific guarantees:

Guarantee #1: You will get “tried and true" strategies, tactics, and techniques that work in the real world. No guessing. No theories.

The System is based on over 28 years of experience working with hundreds of healthcare organizations throughout the nation who have been successful in implementing their own supply value analysis programs.

Guarantee #2: You will get an entire step-by-step blueprint of everything you need to do to make supply savings happen at your healthcare organization. Nothing is left out.

The System is a total approach which means that you won’t have to learn dozens of unrelated techniques to make it work. Every part of the Toolbox is directly related to every other part. This makes it easier to learn, easier to use, and most importantly, easier to save than any other approach to value analysis you have ever seen.

Guarantee #3: You will get fast, measurable, and sustainable savings results from the Toolbox as soon as you start using the little known secrets that will be taught to you in this program.

If you already have a supply value analysis program, you will be able to start learning and attaining greater savings results right away. If you are starting, refining, or re-inventing what you have been doing, you will see dramatic savings within 90 days.

Guarantee #4: You will get tools and techniques that will generate supply savings faster, better, smarter, and will save you and your team members precious time and resources.

What good is a new Toolbox if you don’t have the time to use it? You will discover how to make more savings in less time and with less effort so that you can spend more time doing what matters most.

Guarantee #5: You will learn how to put your supply value analysis program on “auto-pilot” and make savings happen on demand.

We will teach you how to target your new savings opportunities continuously, so you never need to guess where your next savings are coming from. We will teach you how to organize your supply value analysis program so that it almost manages itself.

Guarantee #6: You will get a proven, step-by-step system to discover the "voice of your customers” to determine what they really need, not what they are asking for.

You will find our value stream mapping process is the fastest way to determine what your customers’ exact requirements (specifications) are, not just what your customers want, and will quickly lower your supply chain cost.

Guarantee #7: You will learn strategies to grow your savings yield and speed up the time it takes for you to implement your savings projects.

We will show you a much better way to prioritize, organize, and implement your savings projects. This will double or even triple your savings yield and teach you how to employ less resources to do so.

Here’s What Else You Will Discover with This Toolbox

  • How to make supply savings happen easily and consistently
  • Three easy ways to spot savings opportunities at a glance
  • Techniques to get your customers to support your proposals
  • How to make lightning-fast decisions vs. delaying decisions
  • Discover simple, easy-to-apply techniques you can use instantly to boost your savings yield
  • How to make big winners out of struggling project managers
  • How to identify the most promising savings opportunities to extract maximum savings with minimum effort
  • How to reverse engineer your products, services, and technologies to squeeze out savings you never knew existed
  • How to use surveys, focus groups, and observations to get your customers to tell you exactly what they want in their products, services, and technologies
  • How to perform functional analysis that will exponentially explode your value analysis savings – almost overnight
  • How to manage those untouchables or “sacred cows”

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