​​​​Supply Utilization Advantage System

Looking for the Next Level of Supply Chain Savings Beyond Price? You Have Just Found It!

Most hospitals are closing the front door on their price savings, but they are still leaving the back door open on utilization misalignments where their greatest savings can be achieved.

Conventional supply chain strategies have reduced price savings to barely 1% to 2% of total supply budget, but utilization savings now represent over 7% to 15% of NEW savings from total supply budget!



Are You and Your Supply Chain Organization the Right Fit For Utilizer® Dashboard?

Utilizer® Dashboard System is for Forward-Thinking Supply Chain Executives Who Realize that Utilization Management is the Next Level of Supply Chain Savings – Beyond Price!

BIG SAVINGS, LESS WORK – You want big savings with less work involved to achieve results
EASY BUY-IN – Bulletproof reports that will eliminate push back from clinicians, department heads and managers
BUDGET FRIENDLY ROI – Low cost, high return on investment system
EVIDENCE REPORTING – You want a system that will not only provide supply chain savings results but will provide Evidence Reporting for Value Analysis, Lean and Initiative based teams
QUALITY KEY METRICS – You want quality utilization benchmarks and best practices to help you strategically take your supply chain savings to a whole new level
PROVEN SUPPORT – You want support from a proven healthcare organization with over 28 years of Supply Chain Savings and Value Analysis Success to assist you and your teams

Utilizer® Dashboard is a tool that does all the work for you so you can easily achieve the savings results you want without the risk of failed studies that get shot down by a clever clinician or department head because you lacked convincing utilization reporting.

Utilizer™ Allows You to Manage Your Total In-Use Cost

Most hospitals, systems, and IDNs we talk to have “hit the wall on price savings” yet they continue to try to grind out a few more dollars every year the hard way, without a compass to guide them to where their big savings reside.

Why not make your job a whole lot easier by having all of the savings come to you by employing our Utilizer™ Dashboard to uncover these hard-to-find savings in less than 60 days.

Think of it this way! If you don’t have a utilization management tool to pinpoint, with certainty, where your utilization savings reside, you are missing an extremely important power tool in your toolbox.

When you consider that a hospital, system, or IDN can have 8,000 to 48,000 or more products (in over 200 categories of purchase) in their MMIS system, where do you start probing for these hidden savings?

With our Utilizer™ Dashboard you will have the exact tool that you have been searching for to quickly uncover all of your utilization misalignments. That’s our promise to you!


Utilizer Dashboard Allows You to Focus on the Right Things, with the Right Tools to Achieve the Highest ROIs Possible


Have Peace of Mind That Your Entire Supply Chain Savings Opportunities Are Visible to You and Under Control!

-Accelerate Cost Reductions
-Maximize Cost Avoidance
-Eliminate ALL Waste and Inefficiency in Your Supply Chain
-Fuel Your Value Analysis Teams with High ROI Savings Opportunities
-Immediately Know When Costs (Utilization and Price) Rise in Any Product Category in Your Supply Chain

Have Your Entire Supply Chain’s TOTAL COSTS Right At Your Fingertips

SVAH Does All the Heavy Lifting, You View Robust Savings Results


Realizing that Supply Chain Managers’ time is becoming more and more valuable, I wanted to make sure that we created a software program that brings a high ROI with very little work for you, the Supply Chain Manager. When we developed the latest version of the Utilizer™ Dashboard, I specifically had our programmers configure the program for SVAH to carry the heavy workload of setting up and maintaining the Utilizer™.

With the above in mind, that is exactly how the software works – SVAH does all the heavy lifting so you can spend your valuable time focusing on the high ROI savings opportunities that the Utilizer™ Dashboard will reveal to you. Even though we do the heavy lifting, you still have full control and can make any change to the software’s data or configuration. I call this the ultimate customization.

Robert T. Yokl, President, SVAH Solutions

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