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The Right Tool Makes all the Difference: Utilizer System


What Is Supply Utilization Management?

Utilization management is the art and science of eliminating all waste and inefficiencies in your hospital, system, or IDN’s supply streams. In addition to the huge savings (7 to 15% of total supply chain budget) it brings about, SUM also reduces rework, overspending, product failures, quality issues, and value mismatches that are very costly. Here’s how:

· Strategically manages where to attack your supply utilization misalignments.

· Fuels the agenda of your value analysis teams with new savings opportunities.

· Engages clinicians and department heads in evidence-based data discussions that gain buy-in.

The average IDN/system can save more than $3 to $5 million per hospital in 6-12 months. This represents $45 to $75 million in added revenue that would have to be generated to achieve the fast bottom line results with the Utilizer® Supply Utilization Management System.

Utilizer® Fast-Tracks Savings & Quality Results

If you could click your mouse and find out where ALL of your supply utilization savings opportunities are hiding (that represent 7% to 15% of your total supply budget), wouldn’t you want to know?

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Case Study On Just One Actual Utilization Savings Category
  • $416k right to bottom line
  • Adds $6.2 million in revenue
  • Eliminates 65,000 products in supply chain inventory flow
  • Reduces nurse rework by 5,417 hours
  • 20,313 lbs. of trash eliminated

Why Do SVAH Clients Employ the Utilizer® System?


“We have solid VA, analytics, and great people, but we deployed Utilizer® because of the experience, support, and training behind the system that fast-tracked our supply utilization program from a basic beginner stage to advanced expert in less than 45 days.”




The Utilizer® Supply Utilization Management System simplifies the work of organizing, categorizing, analyzing, identifying, and then eliminating your system or IDN’s supply utilization misalignments.

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