Three Ways That a Strategic Vision Can Make Your Value Analysis Teams Invincible

We are always preaching that a Strategic Value Analysis Plan (revised annually) is mission critical to your value analysis program’s success. This is because a SVAP will give you a “Strategic Vision” to see the future state of your Value Analysis Program.  This “Strategic Vision” will also enable you to:

  1. Gain buy-in of your senior management team: A recent survey showed that just a handful of VA programs have the buy-in from their senior management that is necessary for their VA program’s sustainability.  Meaning, that these organization’s senior management will fight for their VA teams when they hit bumps in the road, give them the resources they need to be successful, and provide incentives to  reward them for their work.


  1. Align your VA objectives with your healthcare organization’s objectives: If your healthcare organization is focused on quality outcomes and your VA program is only focused on savings, then you are not aligned with your healthcare organization’s objectives. Thereby, undermining your VA success, since you are focused on the wrong metrics.


  1. Enables you to measure your progress along the way: Once you have defined your VA’s “Strategic Vision” and aligned with your healthcare organization’s objectives, you can then measure your success along the way of accomplishing these goals. For example, if one element of your VA “Strategic Vision” is to have more clinically integrated VA teams and one of your hospital, system or IDN’s objectives is to have better outcomes these are two metrics you need to measure for your VA teams to be truly successful.


If your current VA “Strategic Vision” is to just save money you are missing the big picture.  That’s why a SVAP is mission critical for your Value Analysis Program’s success.  Without a SVP, you are like a blind archer who never hits his target straight on.



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