Get Exactly What You Need to Automate Your Value Analysis Program while Attaining Your Goals

Why Settle for Canned Value Analysis Tools or Start From Scratch When You Can Pull In Client Proven Tools and Have them Customized to How You Do Business. All Systems are Cloud Based for Fast and Easy Collaboration while Database Driven for High Efficiency and Data Integrity.

Value Analysis Team Management

Managing All the Key Aspects of Your Value Analysis Teams

Custom Dashboards

Visualize your data in the most powerful way, how you want it

Standardization Reporting

Feed your value analysis project agendas with standardization candidates

VA Project Management

Track all details, file attachments, tasks and reports

Benchmarking & Key Performance Tracking

Establish your own baseline standards, there is no better evidence

Reprocess Tracking

Beyond Your Reprocessors Report to Your Actual Cost of Reprocessing

Savings Tracking & Reporting

Savings tracking is imperative for any value analysis program


Employee Idea Generator

Customizable Employee Idea Program, harness the power of your employees

Spend Management

Better, Faster, and Easier Spend Management


New Product Request Management

Customized to how you are used to doing business

Clinical Trial Manager

 Track after all of your Clinical Product Evaluations

VA Utilization Management

 Hospital-Wide, Departmental, Commodity or Product Specific


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